Misdemeanor Records

Record Information Services compiles Illinois  Misdemeanor public records for the counties of Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, Will, and Winnebago, on a daily basis, and the data is made available through our website on a weekly basis. Each county provides current data going forward, and deep historical data as well. Whether you are looking to create a custom misdemeanor public records report, need statistics for a marketing piece, or want to target misdemeanors records directly, Record Information Services can help you achieve your marketing and business goals.


About Our Misdemeanor Records Data

Misdemeanor public records are of interest to many professionals who want to market their services via a direct mail or telemarketing campaign. Attorneys and many other industries mail to misdemeanor records to offer their services for hire. The misdemeanor records in this database are the public record arrests only, and DO NOT NECESSARILY constitute a conviction against the named individual.


Build Your Marketing List

Start by choosing the geographical location you wish to target. Our Misdemeanor Records Database offers many filters you can select in order to create a customized marketing list. Some filters include:

  • Input Date
  • Defendant Name
  • Defendant Address
  • Property Identification Number
  • Court Date, if available
  • Arresting Jurisdiction, if available
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Much More


Target Your Marketing Prospects

Record Information Services offers several convenient options for you to download your data and leads. Formatting options include:

  • Online Mail Merge
  • Microsoft Excel
  • PDF
  • 5160 Mailing Labels
  • Envelopes
  • API
  • CSV

All of our data is 100% Do-Not-Call Compliant.


Customize Your Public Records Account

  • View your recent search history, your saved searches, or your saved records online in your own customized account.
  • Set up a daily scheduled search to help automate your marketing.
  • Pick which data appears on your final report, and which to exclude.

Record Information Services, Inc. is your source for public record and demographic based leads. Call (630) 557-1000 or email sales @ public-record.com for a free demo of any public record marketing list today.


We Offer An Online, Searchable Database Of Misdemeanor Public Records For The Following Illinois Counties, Including:

— Cook County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— DeKalb County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— DuPage County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— Kane County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— Kendall County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— Lake County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— McHenry County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— Will County Illinois Misdemeanor Records

— Winnebago County Misdemeanor Records

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